Fishing -- Washington County, Kansas

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A warm welcome is extended to all hunters and fisherman that come to visit Washington County.

The Washington County State Fishing Lake is located north of the City of Washington. Public walk-in areas are available for hunting.

Call for information regarding other area services although much information is also available on our website.

The Washington County State Lake is located eleven miles northwest of Washington via a county road. This 111 acre lake is surrounded by 352 acres of public hunting land, which harbors quail, pheasant, dove, squirrels, rabbits, whitetail deer, beaver, muskrats, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and numerous non-game birds and animals.

Migrating waterfowl are observed in the spring and fall.

The Little Blue River has access roads at various locations around the county for fishermen.

Numerous streams and the Little Blue River are awaiting the avid fisherman.

Fishing Hole

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