Stained Glass in Chapel

Stained Glass in the Chapel
Linn Community Nursing Home

Linn, Kansas

Population 384

Founding Linn Sign in City Park

Founding Sign
Linn City Park

Linn, Kansas is located on Kansas Highway 9. The town was planned in a boxcar in 1877. Linn was first named "Summit" by surveyors, because it was at the highest point of the Missouri Pacific Branch. The name was changed to Linn when the town applied for a post office.

The town as named after a physician and politician named Lewis Fields Linn, who served as U.S. Senator from 1833 to 1843. Senator Linn was instrumental in the acquisition of the Oregon Territory. The first plat of the city was filed in 1883.

Alumni Banquet and Memorial Day Activities
Linn Picnic
Immanuel Lutheran Church 125th (Rural Linn)
Food and Specialty Shops:
Whollmoor American Legion
Peters Country Mart
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Points of Interest
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
United Methodist Church
Zion Lutheran (Mo. Synod)
Immanual Church
Immanuel Lutheran Church Website
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